How to build a product and R&D team – Gdańsk

Most entrepreneurs and managers we talk to emphasize that the most important barriers in effective development and launch of products and services are liased to the organizational culture. The lack of a clear product strategy means that R&D, innovation and product teams lose the battle for resources with Operations. Product and R&D teams are often managed by people from Production, although their challenges are very different. Finally, the lack of trust and acceptance for failures means that the company does not test new solutions on the market and loses with competitors who do it.  

During this event we will learn how to build an organization that has the ability to both create and implement new products. We will discuss  what are the main constrains for innovation. There will be also case studies and workshops to leave you with practical skills in the field of organization culture management, designing organizational structure and building product teams.

Who will benefit


  • Entrepreneurs and executive interested whose competitive strategy is innovation and new technologies
  • Directors of product departments, product and service development managers
  • Directors and R&D and innovation
  • Marketing, sales and business development managers and directly
  • Researchers interested in the subject of innovation

What you will learn

  • PDMA best practices of product management
  • Real experience of specialists from the industry
  • You will meet other product management, innovation and R&D experts


 9:30 – Registration
10:00 – We will provide more details shortly 


Agata Rutkowska

Agata Rutkowska

Co-founder of PDMA CE. Business trainer (PTP) and coach (ACC), GTI systemic innovator



Will be presented shortly

Wojciech Ozimek

Wojciech Ozimek

Chairman of PDMA Central Europe

How to register?

You can register by sending an email with your name, organization you represent and a role to

For PDMA members the event is free.

For non-members  – 250 PLN practionners, students 30 PLN (+ VAT)


Looking forward to seeing you!


7 November 2019
10:00 do 4:00 p.m.


Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Management and Economics
ul. Traugutta 79

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