PDMA Central Europe celebrated its first birthday!

by | Mar 14, 2020

On the 28th of February in Warsaw, we held another successful PDMA workshops. We were received by our partner Wolters Kluwer Polska. There was almost 40 people from various industries, our members and also new professionals interested in joining PDMA.

That was a very special meeting as in January we celebrated the first anniversary of our chapter. Therefore, during the first part of the meeting we were talking about what we managed to accomplish. 

And there is so much to be proud for!


  • We started the chapter with the team of 12 people and now there are 27 professionals including leaders of R&D, Innovation and NPD teams from top companies in Poland. We are growing every day
  • We have organized two national conferences on NPD best-practices, product culture and NPD organizations.
  • We kept organizing meeting and workshops for members every second month
  • We partnered in NPD and R&D events organized by the major business journals in Poland
  • We started PDMA Podcast called “The Product People” (aired 4 episodes already)
  • We established relations with major universities and discussing professional studies programs with some of them.
  • We are discussing educational programs with the representatives of the Ministry of Education

Dr Michał Pietraszewski, Vicepresident of the Chapter, pic. Wojciech Ozimek

In the second part of the meeting we spent some time discussing our plans for 2020 and following years: annual conference in October, plans to launch NPDP certification,various workshops, trainings and reaching out to the other Central European countries.

Finally, we held a Customer Journey workshop. We used a method called RelEvent Diagram created by an American engineer Greg Yezersky to strengthen our Fuzzy Front Innovation skills and learn how to look at customers from their own perspective.

Customer Journey Workshops

The meeting, as usual, was a success. Unfortunately,  we need to cancel workshops and meetings due to the coronavirus outbreak but we hope that we will be able to get back on track soon. For now, we wish everyone all the best! Stay in good health!

 We would like to thank our supporters and the Central European community for being with us and sharing experiences and expertise. We would like also to thank PDMA Leadership for continuous support. Special thanks to Egbert-Jan Van Dijck – PDMA Vice-president for European Chapters for guiding us during the journey of setting up a PDMA Chapter! 

Those successes wouldn’t be possible without your support! Thank you again and see you soon!