PDMA Business Sharing Tour

To help raise product management and innovation discussions to the global level, PDMA Indonesia chapter organizes cross-industrial business visits to renown production plants. In light of pandemic disruption and travelling restrictions, the PDMA Indonesia Business Sharing Tour 2020 was held as a virtual Zoom meeting on November 18-19th 2020. 

The meeting hosts were:

  • PT Martina Berto, Tbk – leading company in beauty care and spa industry in Indonesia and Asia Pacific,

  • PT Tatalogam Lestari – metal roofing tile manufacturer from Indonesia,

  • Schneider Electric Indonesia – leader in energy management and automation,

  • Alvo Medical, global manufacturer of hospital equipment and surgical solutions integrator headquartered in Poland.


Business Sharing Tours organized by PDMA chapters were designed to inspire product managers, Heads of R&D and innovation departments along the cross-industrial sessions and to provide valuable feedback to the host companies. 

What can we learn during the Sharing Tour?

For as important as it is in product management, participants learn about the host company’s product development and management journey in its efforts to be competitive, and how process optimization, design thinking, lean management, agile engineering and other methods are being used in practice. Alvo Medical revealed that in the med-tech business it will more often be AI/IoT to drive the business forward.

Gniewomir Gordziej, the Research and Development Director at Alvo Medical is a member of the PDMA-Central Europe chapter. He said: “It is a great privilege to be able to benchmark against totally different business areas, exchange best practice. PDMA follows its mission: ‘Connecting innovators worldwide’ and we all benefit from it facilitating the sharing of ideas and networking.”

 Product marketing and management team of Alvo Medical was accompanied by its Regional Sales Representatives from Poland and Jakkarta, who commented directly on effective implementation of manufacturing methods in the Indonesian market.

The meeting was summarized by the manufacturing tour hosted by Alvo’s CEO, Mr. Dominik Czerwinski. He provided an in-depth overview of the Alvo manufacturing processes, in order to let participants immerse in the real “Gemba” (production site).


How can you benefit from PDMA events and resources?


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Event Management in our chapters:
Mr. David Manalu, President of PDMA Indonesia
Mr. Wojciech Ozimek, President of PDMA Central Europe